Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ax Man's Surplus

Anna and I took a special trip to Ax Man's Surplus Store today. Located in St. Paul near the Snelling/University intersection, Ax Man's has been proudly serving the greater Twin Cities Metro area for more than 3o years. Specializing in "surplus," "used," and "defective" goods, Ax Man's has items that will suit many interests. From army surplus duffle bags (starting at just $9.95) to various doll parts (mix and match for that extra special friend!), Ax Man's has it all. And then some.

Believe it or not, the store has more than just doll parts, but they were definitely the most fun to photograph. I also got you a little friend there....And yes, it is the entire doll. Let's just say he's an extra special friend to both of us and you should look for him in the mail sometime after travel. :)

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