Saturday, May 30, 2009

Roland Family Invades the Farmers' Market

The market held Saturday mornings at the old train depot rocks... There was not a ton of produce this week but we did walk away with Blue Mountain Wine, a small herb garden, and AMAZING bread from a magical Austrian woman. My mom and I talked about getting a CSA membership but decided that buying loads of produce every Saturday is more cost and food effective for us (since she is going to be the only one here after August and she does not really need 20lb of potatoes etc.).
PS- Guess who has been tanning? My sister, formerly known as snow white.
PPS- My mother really is a happy person. But sometimes she does not stop talking while I am taking the photo :)
PPPS- On the left we have my old-school friend Katie who is practically family. She joined us for the day's adventures, which included musical driving, brunch at Lucille's in Ft.Collins, Thrift Shopping, and all sorts of ritual fun.
And because I cannot keep this to myself, meet Jaron and Karlee:

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