Thursday, January 1, 2009

Idea Piracy

I have done the math (well, not really, I just plugged Lugano and Minneapolis into the city distance calculator) Alauna and I are 4,584 miles (or 7,376 km) apart. I personally am not sure how I will survive.

The idea is that we will both take a photo every morning before noon and post it here. A sort of tin can phone stretching 4,584 miles- only infinitely more exciting.

Sometimes we need a reason to live... and something to think about that is irrelevant to our normal lives or at least a new way to look at them. And this seems like a good way to continue our pursuit of artistic, spiritual, and social inspiration/distraction.

This is an experiment in the third phase of thievery- We were inspired by Cheryl and Laura (see their blog MORNING EYES on the right) who were inspired by Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria Alexandra Vettese- who tried this first and went on to publish A Year of Mornings. After talking to Cheryl about it I stumbled upon an NPR story about a
similar project
So maybe we are not the only ones stealing a good idea.

I am excited to see what comes of it… Photo posting should begin soon.

PS- My dear friend Becca just convinced me I needed to download the new version of Picasa... so I did and it is so much cooler than the old one. Hence the creation of a million epic Alyssa-Alauna collages this afternoon...

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