Saturday, January 31, 2009

This photo, as one of many taken today, merits a special explanation. My family and I took a trip to the annual St. Paul Winter Carnival today. Most of us had not experienced the joy and fulfillment this blessed event brings since 1992. No joke. So, we decided to dust off one of many old traditions, pile on the hats and gloves, and truly embrace our Minnesotan roots. Like so many others before us, we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. There were cheese curds, little old ladies selling coffee (at 50 cents a pop...not bad!), and of course the infamous ice sculptures. Perhaps these sculptures deserve an explanation of their own, but no words (at least in my vocabulary) can convey whatever it is these sculptures do, in fact, convey. So, here is an ice sculpture of dear Leonardo's "The Last Supper." Alyssa, this one especially spoke to my heart as something you might enjoy...Although the fourth place winners' good intentions cannot be questioned, the piece itself could very easily be viewed as a semi-sacrilegious relic. And something both you and I could enjoy with a smile, a nod (both nonverbal forms of communication), and a cup of 50 cent coffee. Love you, dear!

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