Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Have you ever read a book you remember being good, but when you read it again you are older and wiser and it is no longer the challenge and stimulation you remember it being? It is like reliving an experience with a different brain...

This class is like that. It is pretty much the Media and Culture class (only not as bad, taught by a professor with a soul, and thank the Lord, missing a few key imbeciles) I am pretty sure it counting as my last COM requirement is the result of a series of odd events and major loopholes; the cycling through of four different professors, the drastic change in course
offerings, drastic changes in core requirements, the fact that I have been here for a million years, and my desperation to graduate. Anyway, it is like reliving the same story all over again surrounded by small Franklin children... and they make me a little bit crazy.

That has to do with this photo because we had to have a mid-semester chat about plagiarism, critical thinking, and weaning yourself off of all forms of technologically mediated communication during class (rude). It was a good chat. Perhaps it means the macbooks (and phones, blackberries, ipods, etc) will stay home.

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