Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 10th: Tragedy Strikes

To all our faithful followers (not that we're a cult or anything, but the website dubs you 'followers,' so I guess I will too),
I have some very sad news as a photographer and an unemployed human: I dropped my camera today and damaged it rather significantly. I can still take pictures, but they are very blurry and if I try to zoom or change any settings, it's all for naught.
I did some crying, then some research on camera shops around the Twin Cities, and I'm at a loss. I have no job and no extra money for such things as camera repairs. I'm afraid that for the time being, my photography days are on hold.
As Alyssa, is on Academic Travel, there will probably be very few new photos coming up over the next week or so. Thanks for following us! This project has truly kept me going over the last year and we love knowing that we have so many friends and family that enjoy our hobby, too. I'm hoping to find a good place that can fix my baby for cheap, but I'll keep you posted.



  1. so tragic. I hope that it can be fixed because this might just be too much sadness for me to bear. I hope that you can fix it/find a new photo taking device soon. you have my deepest sympathies during this clearly depressing time.

  2. noooo!!! dooooomed! I hope that you can fix it soon too. I like having buddies (even though I have never met you) who take pictures every day. You have been an inspiration!