Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photography Tip #1

Since we are now in the early stages of October, and have been blogging since January, I believe it is now time to give my first photography tip. To all of our followers, please know that this tip comes solely from my own experiences...I am not suffering delusions of grandeur. So, without further ado, Alauna's Photography Tip #1:

When taking pictures, always remember to bring your camera.

I have had and missed the opportunity to photograph no less than five deer recently, all within 30 years, and some closer than 20. I missed these opportunities because I did not have my camera with me. Now, one of these instances was not my fault. I actually did have my camera with me, and was in my car, sitting still. I looked up, and along the treeline was a deer, staring right at me! I watched it for a long time, neither of us moving. And then I decided that it was actually a hunting target and not a deer. So, I stopped watching it, felt like a fool for being tricked by an inanimate object (again), and got out of my car (senza camera). It was then that the deer turned tail and ran into the woods. That wily beast!

Later that same evening, two more deer came trouncing through the yard. Since I had left my camera in my car, however, they got away without photographic proof of their existence.

Another evening, I was driving around the time of sunset. The sky was gray and bleak, but the sun was a giant orange ball, glowing in the sky. It seemed very out of place, but it was totally beautiful. I had planned to drive to the corner of highways 18 and 17 and take a picture, because I knew it would be a wonderful spot for such a photo. I got to the corner, which is home to the tiniest Lutheran Church and cemetary I know, and realized I did not have my camera. I made the angry seagull gurgle sound that Marcel occasionally makes and looked up, only to see yet another deer watching me with a mixture of confusion and satisfaction (I'm sure). We watched each other for a while, and then one of his friends came bouncing along and there were two deer watching me. I swore, and they ran away, and that was the end of my sad saga.

So, whether you are an experienced photographer or a newby of sorts, always remember to bring your camera.

Happy shooting.

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