Monday, April 19, 2010

My current method of time wasting:

Making photo books I will not be able to buy until my student loans are paid off!

I was inspired by Miriam's recent nostalgia and my own pining for Lugano. Instead of spending all day ranting about it here I channeled all of my energy into creating books on iphoto... Which I am now ranting about here. My plan was obviously flawed. STILL, you have no idea the emotional photo spewage you were spared. Anyway, it is great fun and they turned out rather lovely.

Some of the pages are actually nice to look at:

But most of them are mass chaos. Chaos that happens to be close to my heart...

I would also prefer this to regular photo printing because certain photos that you can spare space and provide context for in a book are not necessarily photos you would have printed but are nonetheless important historical relics. For example:

I started at the dawn of the the DSLR and am working my way forward. The post-harem years have yielded some high quality images but not quite as much hilarity :)

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