Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Day at Canterbury

When a Minnesotan hears "Canterbury," thoughts turn not to Chaucer, nor England, nor cathedral. Our Canterbury, you see, is a racetrack. And we spent the day there and it was a blast. We placed bets, laughed at the commentary, and generally enjoyed the tiny-ness of the jockeys. While most of our bets didn't win big, we did have a bit of luck with a horse named Sheriff Hotdog....
We happened to be at the park on Extreme Race Day. This was an especial treat, as there were not only horse races, but also ostrich and camel races. I got there quite late, so I missed 'em, but apparently they were real funny. Canterbury also offers an annual wiener dog race. Mickel' thinks Myshkin (who she described today as "a warrior") might be a good contestant.

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