Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home Sweet... Zurich Airport.

I have never been so glad to see the ground. I was next to a crazy man on the plane. I have been next to chatty people before, large people, loud people, and small children. I thought I had endured great hardship, but that was before I was in the middle seat on an 8 hour SWISS flight with my new but old friend Wade. At first I thought he was just an antsy old man who hated to fly but loved to talk. I decided to be nice. That was before he drank three bottles of bad red wine. He then tried to convince me to drink some of his wine, kiss him, and run away with him (he told me a guy his age could treat me far better than a "young whippe-snapper" -no joke- like myself). As much as I like to pick up men who are 50 years older than me on transatlantic flights, I was really not interested. He was not getting the hint though, so I told him I was an independent woman, shoved him onto his side of the seat, told him I wanted to watch a movie, and kept my headphones in as longs as possible... It really was like a very uncomfortable, surreal, and terrifying 8 hour nightmare. Once he sobered up his not-so-subtle advances stopped but the talking did not. I almost felt bad when he got so confused he forgot where we were going... and then I didn't... Because REALLY man, that was lame. 

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