Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Ordinary White Boy

I have had this book in my pile of library books for a couple weeks... Since I read The Arsonist's Guide to Writer's Homes In New England, by the same guy, which was amazing. Anyway, last night I was contemplating what to read next, and whether or not I even have time to finish my pile before I leave Friday. As I open it up a Wells Fargo deposit slip falls out... My first thought was, "Oh man, I should bill this account number to pay for school!" not really, but I was concerned someone who would leave such sensitive information in a library book. But on the back side I found a Ten Things To Do Before I Die list, which totally made my night. 
  1. Be a goat farmer (one of my alternative life plans...)
  2. Teach other people to care for goats (people like me!)
  3. Find a place in the mountains to go back to over and over
  4. Make good friends that last forever 
  5. Learn Spanish and speak it to people
  6. Take the grandbabies on trips
  7. Drive a tractor
  8. Have parties with kids and others at the farm
  9. Care for impoverished people in my community
  10. Be a good listener for kids
Should I send it to the person (what would Amalie do?!) or is that creepy?

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