Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Dancers' Studio Showcase

So, the majority of the 389 photos that I uploaded today took place at St. Paul's Dancers' Studio. My lovely sister was in her first showcase there today. She's been taking lessons for a number of months now and is getting very good. It was absolutely the feel-good event of the season!
While I know it would more appropriate to have a picture of my sister as the photo of the day, I was in charge of video and didn't get any solid pictures. Sort of a shame, but we got some great video so I can't be too mad.
But, since I didn't get any good ones of the sis, I got to choose my favorite. And this just might be it. This dance was a combination of belly dancing, martial arts, and sword fighting! It was amazing, and this woman is everything I want to be: she wields a sword, has amazing abs, and totally kicked the guy's butt. How's that for inspiration!?
Also, I swear Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln were there dancing as well. Their photo was a close second...

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