Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stories of My Life

'The French Press Photos' is a title more literal than poetic...
I cannot help myself.

I like to think that my life consists of more than books and coffee (not that either is something to complain about)
but at the moment that is pretty much the case.

** I am pretty sure that the High Plains Library District (or anyone in their right mind for that matter) would not condone the standing-upon of books. Hopefully they are not keeping current on the bog-site.
**Sad day: my camera's light meter thing appears to be confused. E rotto. I can guess at shutter speeds and aperture (thanks to a photography class at the community college with Quade once upon a time- changed my life) OR MY CAMERA CAN BEHAVE, which is really what I would pefer. It was fine today because I had time to take a million photos of the coffee pot an play with it (truth be told I learned some things), but if I ever venture out into the real world it will never do... I will work on it tomorrow. And if I cannot figure it out I will just go to Mike's Camera and see if they can.

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