Saturday, July 25, 2009

Embrace Life

Dear Alyssa,
You may remember many months ago, when we decided that our epic battle in life features the two foes: Embracing and Relinquishing. It occured to me very recently that I have been leaning toward the embracing side of life.
This weekend, I bought ice cream from the obnoxious ice cream truck. I discovered that the ice cream man not only offers a very wide variety of frozen snacks, but he charges a very fair fee for joy-on-a-stick. Also, I think he really enjoys his job. I no longer harbor bitter feelings toward the truck, which still loudly blasts bad versions of classical music.
I also recently embraced the spending of a rather significant (on my budget) amount of cash, when I purchased my first iPod. You could even say that, for a moment in time, I have embraced conformity. While I still prefer interpersonal forms of communication (thank you, Professors Self, Sugiyama, Douai, and Vogelaar), a nice musical interlude between meaningful conversations is very welcome in my life.
Finally, I am beginning to embrace unemployment. As I am not yet officially unemployed, you may want to check in with me in a week or two and see how I feel about the subject then. As of now, however, not working the night shift in exchange for no paycheck sounds very reasonable. So there.
This intrapersonal reflection took place as I was walking Bama the Dog in Minneapolis. Later that day, I returned to our apartment and finished this box of Life cereal. That's when I noticed, in perfect poetic timing, the text on the box. Sometimes, empty cereal boxes really do say it all.


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  1. Dearest Alauna,

    This is beautiful. I admire you and your fervent embracing. I have been harboring thoughts of an epic battle between embracing and... kicking in the shins (figuratively, emotionally) and I am not sure I always make the healthy choice. You have inspired me to embrace more often and to be more judicious with my relinquishing (perhaps eliminating violence from that side of the spectrum).

    Keep on Keeping on, Sister.


    PS- I like how we have both spontaneously reverted to our COM class selves in the span of three posts. Wow.