Friday, July 3, 2009

July, July!

I love Greeley, I do, but I must also say that it is not the most exciting place on earth. The biggest hoopla of the year is the Greeley Stampeede, which I have missed (without regret) since I was 13. Everyone else gets worked up about it. And the parade which is part of it... As you can see half of the population has already staked the claim to a little square of prime curbside parade real-estate. The day before is one thing, but this started a week ago.

One year the stampeede featured a real live stampeede (oops) and some people got trampled by the running of the bulls... down 10th Ave. They have since eliminated the parade herding, but I guess the presence of other large animals means they have to cover their bases (or their asses), hence the sign. I am not sure what happened with water in the past, but I am sure the sign is attached to a good story :)
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