Sunday, July 26, 2009

Macabre, Beautiful, and Potentially Illegal

The drive from Midland to Greeley is long and ugly. We are forced to entertain ourselves by over- caffeinating, listening to lots of Modest Mouse and Jonny Lang, and smoking these watermelon cigars (if you can call them that).  

The high point is the wind turbines, which I am really fascinated by. Quade took this photo
 while driving. I was holding the wheel while talking to Simmy on the phone. I told her about it and I think she was slightly disturbed. 

You can imagine after 8 hours of this we were quite bored and curious about the blowing plume of smoke in the distance.  
And when we got near enough to see that it was a fire, there was nothing to do -sick as it sounds-  but drive as close as we could and try to get a photo.

In our defense, the house appeared to be vacant, there were no ambulances, and no one appeared to be distraught about the pyrotechnic demonstration ...

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