Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My dream of being a shady blogger...

I was driving home from the airport yesterday when I heard this story on NPR… I don’t really care about mommy bloggers, to tell you the truth. I think the idea of blogging is interesting and important though, as a student of communication and as a human… with a photos blog (which recent evidence suggests has a reagular audience of at least twenty!).

What was really interesting about the story was that bloggers are making money, or getting all sorts of free crap to advertise or review products…

"Blog-ola" is the free goodies, products, trips and other perks many marketers are giving to bloggers in hopes of getting favorable publicity or positive reviews. It's a hot topic among "mommy-bloggers" in particular, who are proving to be quite influential with their readers.”

This has caused some experts and individuals that possess a conscience to question the scrupulousness of such reviews and whether this is ethical and good for the blogging community.

My question is this: where are our free cameras, lenses, photo software, plane tickets, and large sums of money?


I am all about ethics. When they involve war coverage, presidential candidates, and environmental conspiracies. Blogging is anarchical, for better or for worse, and when the population is made up of ‘mommies’ or ghetto student photographers I do not see how anyone can be shocked that they would compromise their journalistic integrity (being that they are…  not really journalists) for cleaning products or large, expensive Nikons (hint!).

If anyone would like to corrupt our blog in this way please contact one of us with your offers. Terms, conditions, and honesty are negotiable. 

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  1. I never got into blogging for money but the more I've dove into it, the more I am trying to make something off it. I'm not looking to get rich, but if it would pay my internet and cable bill each month, I'd be very happy.

    Keep up the good work.