Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minneapolis Torchlight Parade

Every year, the Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration features the torchlight parade. It's a very cool parade, with lots of your standard floats, marching bands, flag throwers, etc. This year, there were also jets. I had never gone before, but my dad's boss hooked us up with some sweet VIP seats. :) We got to sit in bleachers instead of on the curbside, and eat a catered meal (which even had a vegetarian option). We also got free reusable shopping bags, which I believe you can never have to many of.

And, there were clowns. This is a very plain photo of a very usual clown, but this clown opened up quite a discussion. My mom said, "Oh look, clowns!" And then we got to talking. And I discovered that she used to be one! It was a discovery both shocking and wonderful.
It was a really good parade.

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  1. Everyone should be a clown sometime, tis a sweet life full of smiles!